Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top ten running benefits- Weight loss-Cardio exercises:

Top ten health benefits of running:

Overall mental health.

Your body releases chemicals which helps you feel more happy
lesson affect survives meh.

Help strengthen lungs in Braunton helps prevent high blood pressure

Your arteries expand and contract while running
hoping the arteries to stay fit which then helps to
maintain healthy blood pressure strong immune system .

If you are a runner
suffer less from minor illnesses

Weight loss you burn 705 to calories an hour

Increase bone density your body sends essential minerals to
 bones to strengthen them when stressed
as running stresses your bones these additional minerals help to increase
your bone density over time physical strength.

Running builds lower body strength in addition to strengthen your tendons and
ligaments joint strength instability by increasing the strength of your ligaments and
tendons you increase joint strength and reduce chances have injuries to your ankles
hips in knees personal control

Running equals increase confidence plus greater
control over you live
reduce affects have diabetes helps reduce diabetic resistance to insulin in
maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

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