Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How To Treat Common Cold or Flu - Simple Home Remedies

Common cold and flu treatment naturally:

There is always that season by one team member new office gets sick

and you're scared you're going to get the flu because he basically coughed on

your sleeve

Treating the flu is more vital than calamity get it

vital flu haha Oak St stop now.

Home Remedies:

 Here are my top five remedies to help beat the flu

use a moist heat compress I get it to head is throbbing and Yukon be to your nose.

So why not leave some of that by applying some moist heat compress

your cheeks and sinuses all you have to do is take a towel and dip it in hot

water for a while

do with the saline nasal spray

I didn't I episode in the netti pot and it's really a great way to help clear up

the condition in your nose

elevate your head promp your head up with pillows when you sleep to help you be better

I know it's not the most comfortable in me to mind you sleeping on it airplane

but trust me to help you be better eat a bunch of different spices

garlic is an immune stimulating effect ginger has anti-inflammatory effects

chili papers that is a natural decongestant make a big bowl of all soup, drink it all up

and it'll be good for your throat still

don't eat complicated what does that even mean

what I mean is avoid congested food like dairy

fried foods processed foods and junk food keep your food light

and simple eat plain or boil rice  soups

and water juices unfortunately you just have to let the flu done its course

specifically ultimately it's all about rest
rest rest..

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