Monday, January 4, 2016

leg cramps causes and treatments

A cramp is  an involuntary contraction of the muscle which does not relax and result in pain:

it is a most common condition
affecting many peoples at somewhere in their lives
ineffective single muscles or multiple muscles
individuals who were involved in  training such as athletes are
mostly affectedd ,my cramps
calf muscles are more commonly affected with leg cramps
causes outlet cramped
dehydration or inadequate intake of water
be pleaded levels a potassium and sodium salt
can floor give muscles
demand deficiencies may also cause cramps
poor blood circulation also causes cramps,
 physical vigorous activities and muscles fatigue may cause muscle cramps
injury or trauma such as bone fracture can cause muscle spasms and cramps.
It acts as a defensive mechanism for prevention of further injury

Treatment a leg cramps:

the affected muscles should be stretched and these stretches  should be held for as
long as it required
gently massaging be affected muscles promote blood flow and relieves the
cramps sportsman farms is also helpful
stretching band strengthening helps in preventing further episodes have cramps
patients should have adequate salt intake and diet
although it may be an unlikely cause as peoples consumes a lot of salt in
processed foods
muscle relaxant medications  can be used for a very  short
period to relax the muscles
preventing leg cramps
King and proper warm up needs before & after exercise
adequate hydration with replacement electrolytes in case love exertion
called in perspiration
strenuous activities leading too much for muscular  fatigue
should be avoided especially during hot seasons
calcium and magnesium supplements should be taken to avoid cracked during
adequate support footwear body position
activity breaks et cetera should be taken by an athlete
the muscle should be stretched before going to sleep to
prevent night arrest cramped
patients should have an adequate vitamin D intake.

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