Saturday, January 9, 2016

Skin Care Routine, How To Get Bright, Glowing ,Clear & Acne Free Skin naturally:

Get Bright, Glowing ,Clear & Acne Free Skin naturally, Home made remedies:

Today I want to show you how you can make  and  used
to help make your skin look more radiant it brightens up your skin
it  prevent  you from acne and also by acne scars a spot sunspot
on it also reduces like facial hair
which is pretty amazing and I also know some people that use it for their dark
circles it brightens up back to and you  just to Murray
despite this is really amazing at soccer they also hot
with how benefit if you eat it.

How to make it (Recipe):

Let me show you guys a simple way how you can make
a two-week face mask which might who knows it might change your life
so let's get right to the door so first you gonna need to work of course becuz
that's the key ingredient and you get to buy this
in your grocery stores just make sure it's pure tumeric and it doesn't have
 any lot of mixtures in that and not I'm next one I only use the rice flour and
 next thing is the yogurt so if you guys have oily skin I'm you can
 have to put in yogurt or if you don't have your it in your house alarm more
 like the probably the help milk instead have yogurt so you can use milk too
for all you girls that have dry skin you're gonna need
and oil instead so you can use olive oil coconut oil
or almond oil whatever you have in your house you can use that instead
love the yogurt and last but not least we're going to take the honey discuss
honey is wonderful too our skin so I'm gonna take honey and finally
a spoon annable to mix it in.

When to start off by putting two full spoon of turmeric into the ball
and after turmeric  gonna take a spoonful of rice flour
and it just works as a scrub it also helps bind the mixture
and then I would take to spoons are yogurt
and after the yogurt you can squeeze half a spoon up honey
and once you squeeze the honey just mix all
everything and just make a nice fine paste
though this is the turmeric piece that I just me and only use this little brush
that actually broke repeating
but I didn't use it so I'm just gonna take this brush
get beyond that to Murray and just apply it to my face
apply it .

I think this is naturally helps with the dark circles
misconduct my forehead of the you don't have to be limited to the base you can
go down your neck or your body if you wish to
o I just lost my faith and my skin just feel so smooth and if those renewed
I feel like it when you guys start using the mask about a month
 for you to really see the changes on if you guys have a lot of acne scars in spots you might have to do it about three times a week

If you already have the skin you can just do it about once a week.

But it's worth the methods really worth the method works it
really makes a difference on your face .

 I hope against try this mask  and let me know how it helped you guys.

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