Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Treat Bumps and Bruises - First Aid Training, How to get rid of Bump and Bruises?

What is bumps and bruises, How to treat swelling and pain ?

چوٹ اور چوٹ کے نشانات

After an injury it is common for somebody to get a bump or a bruise.

Bumps and bruises may not appear straightaway, but the skin can still feel painful, swollen

and tender. Bumps are swellings under the surface of the

skin caused by fluid. And bruises are purple or bluish patches caused

by tiny blood vessels that burst into the soft tissue.

Bruises usually change to a greenish

or yellowish colour as they heal.

How to treat? First Aid:

To treat a bump or a bruise, you need to apply

something cold to the skin. If you just hold that on there .

This will reduce the pain and help it to heal. If you haven’t got an icepack you could

use frozen peas or ice wrapped up in a cloth, but remember, don’t leave it on for any

longer than 10 minutes. If the bump or bruise is very painful then

ask the casualty to lie down and raise the injury above the level of their heart. This

will reduce the swelling. If the bump or bruise becomes very painful

or very swollen, then seek medical advice or go to hospital.

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