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Depression,major depressive disorder symptoms,mental disorder

Depression � sgins of depression and treatments :

Depression is a dead desert where you stand alone.
Might you be stuck there now in that wasteland of muted feelings? Take The Depression Test
and count the signs that are true for you as we go along to get your Depression Symptoms Score.

Depression Symptoms:

Sign One: Pointless:

Everything has lost its meaning. If this all ended tomorrow, you wouldn't care.

sign Two: Pressure In The Head

It feels as if you have a cat sitting on your head. It makes you want to curl up and sleep.

Sign Three: Avoidance and Isolation

Nobody understands what you're going through � how much better it is to be alone through
all this pain

Sign Four: The Cage.

You are trapped inside of yourself now and have forgotten how to show the real you from
the bars this prison.

Sign Five: You Disgust Me

You look in the mirror and see an ugly, pathetic creature staring back at you.

Sign Six: Self�Destructive Rituals

You know if you do that that you will feel like shit after... But you can't stop yourself.

Sign Seven: Dicing With Death

You act recklessly now, inviting death to put you out of your misery. [drink and drive]
sign Eight: Life's A Bitch
It's like the universe has got a personal vendetta against you, and is doing everything
in its power
to break you.

Sign Nine: Unreality

You're nothing more than a character in a film going through the motions of life but
believing in any of it. You want the film to end.

Sign Ten: Words Won't Come

You can't put this dark place into words.

Sign Eleven: Numb

You're a hollow man trying to feel but nothing comes.
Did that sound like you? The more signs that were true for you, the higher your depression
symptoms score.

How to treat depression naturally (herbal treatments):

Yoga and meditation helps promote positive thinking
natural remedies such as herbal remedies have been used since ancient times to
combat depression.
Here ancient and affordable herbs proven to be a great help
in the process of treating depression.


Have bananas at home all the time
literally have a banana with you every moment
if you are suffering from depression eating a banana
 when stressed or depressed will help you
as the banana protein swim eaten are converted into serotonin
which is known to make you relax improve your mood and
 generally make you feel happier.


Melissa a fish in Alice is a valuable
herb to have it home at all times especially in situations where long-term
anxiety edges into depression take it as an infusion or tincture two to three
times a day.

3-Golden root or Arctic rude (Rhodiola rosea):

 Helps raise mood in those who have a tendency to suffer from

4-Mango (mangifera indica):

Mango  drink fresh mango juice daily 15 minutes after breakfast
if you're interested in finally reading yourself love depression
and the effects of prescription medication
take a closer look at natural treatment options for depression
get more help to cure depression naturally.

untreated depression can lead to many undesirable behaviors
from oversleeping and overeating to self flagellation and even suicide
even minor depression could affect one's productivity at work
and relationships that is why once identified
depression must be treated with professional help
however there are ways that could help one cope with depression

Simple home made remedies to
cure depression at home.

Take 2 cashew and crush them into powder form. Add this cashew
 to boiling water. This gives
a very basic aroma which has medicinal properties that help cure depression.

Take cashew powder and add it to a cup of warm milk. Mix this well and drink this once
daily. You can also have roasted cashew nuts as a healthy snack to lift your mood.
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