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How To Get Long Nail? Healthy Nail Growth And Whitening :Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Healthy Nails:


For this we use vinegar and lemon juice in equal parts mix these together and sock your nails in it for couples of minutes lightly brushed it off with a cotton bud
and just spray on you nails some water your nails looks soo much whiter and cleaner




 Put a really crushed garlic into a bowl with orange juice
sock your nails in this mixture about 10 to 15 minutes
and then rub you nails with your finger tip thouroghly.
wash hands with luke warm water. after this your nails become more shiny and stronger. repeat this remedy twice a week to get better results

Acne Scars And Acne Treatment naturally, Ten acne hacks you need to try:

 Pimple Hacks You Need To Try At Home:



Beauty expert Kelly match which shows you how to banish those blemishes

without wasting money on expensive products there's no reason to spend a

lot of money on expensive department store or drugstore

acne medication when you probably already have some natural ingredients at


that can help banish Obama should and save you money.

Home remedies naturally:

 One great tip saturated cotton ball with which case I'll and swipe it over your face after

you watch morning and night  it remove any excess oil and it's a natural antiseptic

it also has anti-inflammatory properties another great app

make pay step 3 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon

honey mixture will help all impurities from the skin and it's in a minute the natural


Another idea create a mixture egg whites and lemon juice

it can be used as a cleanser or a mask the egg white

pull impurities from the skin and the lemon juice is a natural antiseptic

and helps with exfoliation and finally you can try one of these tried-and-true

acne medication

A little deputy tree oil or toothpaste on the blemish it'll help try it out and

heal faster.

Ice cubes apply on your face daily 5 to ten minutes.

Rubbing garlic on your pimples for 3 minutes dries out the pimples.

Make a face mask out of eggs white leave on 15 minutes while the oil is soaked up.

Aspirin & water mix until it form a paste leave the mask on for 15 minutes .

Hope you can find all these tips and more I'm a better beauty blog

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How To Treat Common Cold or Flu - Simple Home Remedies

Common cold and flu treatment naturally:

There is always that season by one team member new office gets sick

and you're scared you're going to get the flu because he basically coughed on

your sleeve

Treating the flu is more vital than calamity get it

vital flu haha Oak St stop now.

Home Remedies:

 Here are my top five remedies to help beat the flu

use a moist heat compress I get it to head is throbbing and Yukon be to your nose.

So why not leave some of that by applying some moist heat compress

your cheeks and sinuses all you have to do is take a towel and dip it in hot

water for a while

do with the saline nasal spray

I didn't I episode in the netti pot and it's really a great way to help clear up

the condition in your nose

elevate your head promp your head up with pillows when you sleep to help you be better

I know it's not the most comfortable in me to mind you sleeping on it airplane

but trust me to help you be better eat a bunch of different spices

garlic is an immune stimulating effect ginger has anti-inflammatory effects

chili papers that is a natural decongestant make a big bowl of all soup, drink it all up

and it'll be good for your throat still

don't eat complicated what does that even mean

what I mean is avoid congested food like dairy

fried foods processed foods and junk food keep your food light

and simple eat plain or boil rice  soups

and water juices unfortunately you just have to let the flu done its course

specifically ultimately it's all about rest
rest rest..

Erectile dysfunction natural treatmen & causes Improve Sperm Count Naturally, Harder Erection Foods, Enhance Sexual enjoyment:

How to treat premature ejaculation? Erectile dysfunction natural treatment: Home remedies:

Alan Boyle divers researchers have shown the multiple benefits the olive oil has
been help among its main parts.

It is very good to treat heart 0r cardiovascular, diseases
cancer and aging.

Its contribution for the obesity controls
diabetes & sexual dysfunctions  being studied,
in this last case due to the fact that sexual life has a direct relation to
blood flow to achieve or gain excitement what does the penis erection involved as well as the
suitable, vaginal lubrication any element favoring in a preppy
functioning of the vascular system is going to be reflected in the sexual
health and it is here where the olive oil begins working.

Recipe for long-lasting hard erection:

 I'll show you recipe that may helped you have a pool erection
he also knows the all-star happen good hard erection
when you're in bed with your partner these ingredients will also help improve your
sexual appetite.

In sexual stamina literally full salad bowl of sexual tension this summer dress 
and will consist other following ingredients:
 one bundle the asparagus
your mother was right when she told me eat more vegetables after all
this period is contained vitamen E is also won the Boosters other sex hormones
it also improves the condition of your skin enough for this will make your
penis even more senstive.

One whole avocado
small avocado this group contains folic acid that helps metabolize the protein
 in your body doctors also recommend avocado as a natural crew the increases libido
you can make this fruit into a salad just and milk and honey one cup crushed almonds
, almound oysters and  bananas are hardly your nibble food whose
is specially when you're sitting in your office desk almonds are one of the
the who's forced sex welcome for men they are convenient to keep with you
as snacks you can have a in your car or
happy with you in the office they have essential
fatty acid they help promote sex hormone production in men.

Some like this one leamon I have a couple
olive oil 3 cloves garlic pounded
Howard I have a cup vinegar for the dresser
combined the vinegar garlic in all
in a bowl squeezed in the whole lemon
mix well in a Super Bowl late now
all the Greens weathers asparagus and avocado meat
sprinkle with almonds on the top of the mix
addressing & enjoy the dressing itself
is a hopi combo up healthy foods for you
the olive oil  is one of the healthiest oil  help us oils that lowers cholesterol
the garlic.

It is also good for your heart here prevents heart attacks and strokes
limited is good for cleansing the poll up sour
is a all up anti-oxidants keeping yourselves you'll
in helping .

Water! How Much Water To Drink To Lose Weight? Burn Fat And Lose Weight naturally:

Massive Weight Loss with water, benefits of water in fat burning:

How much water to drink to lose weight when you look at people who lose weight
easily and have great but
the amount of water they drink is a key factor you'll be amazed at the benefits
that drinking the correct the model water can bring
study show that almost half of the population
drinks less water than the daily requirement leading people to a
permanent state and the hydration so let's begin by reviewing that negative effects and
drinking less water than you need
starting with the ones that are preventing you from losing weight.


9 devastating effects of drinking too little water:

 I'm making new store bat more easily 9 devastating effects of drinking too little water:




Stomach  acidity.


Toxin accumulation




 Increased appetite that body tensed seduced appetite
as a side dehydration making it very hard to follow a diet properly


Difficulty to turn carbohydrates into energy in order to metabolize
one gram of carbohydrate three games and water are needed otherwise
carbs easily get stored as body there.


 Increased with a fluid retention due to lack of water
your body retains in stores as much as they can from the little water you get
it the result is a flaccid appearance in weight gain.


Fttalled weight loss in fat burn
water plays an essential role if that metabolism
when the body systems are working properly the liver transplant stored
body fat in the energy but when in a dehydrated state it more difficult for
the kidneys to cleanse the blood delivers das bernie that they help
 the kidneys do their job .


Slowed down metabolism as the digestive systems
unable to carry out its processes correctly the capacity to burn calories
is drastically reduced in consequence under these circumstances
weight loss is almost impossible but Gardner's
up the amount exercis  you do I think that now that you know these nine
negative affects you have an advantage over people who are unaware this information
now you know why people who drink enough water burn fat and lose weight more
easily than those who don't but what is the correct water intake to lose weight
keep my body burning fat.


 Recommend to you:

I recommend starting with the minimum a a class today however the correct
 amount of water you should take
will increase depending on how overweight you are use the following
indicator as a rule of thumb if you're hearing is not transparent
you need to drink more water the sole exception to this rule
is a new purse get up in the morning because you're in concentrate overnight
generally the optimal amount of water needed
berries roughly between a gallon and a gallon and a half mailing
drink wanted two glasses before every meal and carry a gallon jug with you
whenever you work out or leave your home.

It is the easier it will be for your body to lose weight I hope you like this video
and found it helpful remember to visit the link below it you're looking for
more valuable information
until next time

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Skin care, Naturally Skin whitening Tips ,

How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally Home remedies: 

 We are going to talk about skin lightening. We have

some simple remedies that you can try at home to lighten your skin tone.


Take 1 teaspoon of milk, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix this

well. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse

it off thoroughly.


Grind a potato well and extract the juice out of it. Now use a cotton pad and apply

this juice on your face like a mask and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse this off with

lukewarm water. Potatoes are also very good for reducing your dark circles.

Hope these remedies help you.

Health Full Life: Recommended Daily Allowance of fruits and vegetables, juice recipe

Add vegetables , fruits to your daily life:

In countries like America the recommended daily allowances

five servings of fruit and vegetables per day in other countries like Japan

it's up to seventeen servings a day

i delete you should aim for at least nine savings

and remember that potatoes start counts so hard if you aren't a fan

ACE salads get your daily dose with this juice recipe

its to exit care which is a powerhouse of nutrients

that's a great buy some ice cream drinks to

leaves us with chive in there are many varieties so I feel free to experiment

one cup of spinach actually contains twice as much

arianna of the grains one latch collard green leaf which

add a little spiciness 3 stalks of celery

high in water content and by some I one small cucumber

fantastic source of potassium and magnesium one' pear which balances out this week

tacit this combination of

5 a little very much as you get more G's

one lemon and it's a powerful antioxidant

and help support the body against infections and inflammation

one hand for the past three in this Feb really brings out the flames if the

other ingredients

use the stamps as most chefs knife most

the flight weakness stems in knots believes the Celts

instead of having to a he weighed 3 pounds and produce

juicing provides the most efficient way to give you an

he said he was your daily nutrient needs but in a glass